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Parenting Connection Tips

Being a parent is a responsible role and your leadership in your home is one of the keys to your child’s success. Children bring joy to the family, and parents with grandparents must nurture and protect the gifts and talents of children. Every parent is a leader. Below are some tips that may assist you with your parenting journey:

  • Communicate effectively everyday (talk about what was good and bad)
  • Allow children to express how they feel in a respectful manner
  • Know what your child like and dis-like: favorite color, books, movie, game, music, etc.
  • Hug your child every day and say, “I love you.”
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Have standards and make them clear(for the home and behavior in the public)
  • Get involved and know what your child is participating in
  • Screen the I-Phone and his/her so called friends
  • Enforce reading and reading- You also read and read
  • Discuss being safe at home and in the public- Being aware of surroundings
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